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Thread: Seattle events

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    Seattle events

    Hi, I am new to the area and to the forum. Are there any events or anything in the Seattle/SCK area?

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    It looks like I am the 29th person to view your post.
    Let me be the first to welcome you to OCDO Washington forum.
    There are a few events, usually most are problem free. Even the ones populated by WaCeaseFire usually have only a few of the uneducated simpletons attending.

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    Saturday is our monthly South Sound coffee gathering.
    When: 2nd Saturday every month, 9am
    Where: Starbucks, The Crossing Federal Way (348th and Hwy 99)
    1401 S 348th Street, Federal Way
    Who: Regulars and Lurkers!
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    I am a bit to your north, but "Whenever I go to Seattle, I go heavily armed." I have attended several events there and have never had a problem.

    Welcome to OCDO, it is an informative site.

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