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Thread: Woman kills intruder.

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    Woman kills intruder.

    One suspect was reportedly shot in what may have been a burglary at a property on the 48100 block of 323rd Avenue SE.

    King County Sheriff's Sgt. Cindi West reported on Twitter the shooting, possibly by the homeowner, was reported at about 1:30 p.m.

    A suspect is said to have fled in a 2002 Gray Ford Explorer. (License: 249ZCL)

    Yes, she used a shotgun, but what I see is a home invasion in progress when they came home. A similar situation occurred to my Sweet Baboo upon her return home one warm evening. As she approached the door she realized it was already open. My young Son was with her and we were stationed in Little Rock. She immediately drew her pistol, announced herself and took a defensive position. They ran. My point is to be armed. Be armed all the time. You never know when it will happen and it's happening here. Like that old guy says......"Be Safe".
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    Who knows

    Maybe they can solve property crime in that part of the County by "attrition". A couple dead burglars here, a couple dead there, and maybe the message will get out.

    I do think that people are definitely fed up with being preyed upon and are striking out. Hopefully Prosecutors will get the message. Don't they have to stand for election every 4 years????
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