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Thread: From Nevada, Cali OC laws?

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    From Nevada, Cali OC laws?

    I know this gets annoying with people constantly asking for advice, but I have a migraine from looking at the .pdf file on California's Firearm bureau's website. From what i got from it, I can carry in unincorporated areas...I was also curious about carrying "to and from fishing" law because I camp a lot, mostly in Mono or Kern county. thanks again.
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    I was wondering about open carry in rural areas of California too. Anybody from California out there?

    I'm from Illinois and would like to see open carry legal in rural Illinois, right now it is if you are hunting, fishing or trapping. No that we have passed shall issue concealed carry we should start working on open carry. BTW with the concealed carry legislation passing there was a change in the transport law. You can still transport a firearm unloaded, encased and with a loaded magazine with the firearm in the case (actually case. shipping box or other container) A car console has been ruled a case. If you can legally carry a firearm in your state you can carry a loaded firearm concealed in your vehicle. This doesn't apply to Illinois residents, I'd suggest you have a LTC from your state, if you do this. The concealed carry bill preempted any local ordinances on transport, it is now uniform throughout the state.

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