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Thread: Zahal Fobus paddle holster G17 w/weapon light

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    Zahal Fobus paddle holster G17 w/weapon light

    It took nearly a month to get here from Israel but so far it was worth the wait!
    I've only had it for a few days now and am in love!
    This is my Glock 17 with TLR-2 style weapon light on the fobus paddle holster.

    It has decent retention if you pull on it it'll slide up until the light hits the safety strap but when I did 25 jumping jacks it didn't budge.

    Very well built

    This is hinged to move out of the way of the light during the draw.

    Pointed tip in bottom goes into the barrel to keep it secure.

    Paddle holster is very secure and has latches on both the inside for the pants and the outside for a belt. Easy to put in and Does not move once in place.

    I can activate my tlr-2 (clone) while holstered.

    The draw is straight up just like a normal holster.

    Exposed controls on light sometimes accidentally engage when entering/exiting vehicle.

    Re-holstering is best done from the back as apposed to the top of the holster.

    And thats about it! Above all this holster is comfortable and functional!

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    Looks nice. I've seen these on eBay I think, too. Have long have you been using it for?
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