As many of you know I don't like to post much on what is happening with OC rights in Missouri until it has happened, and there has been a lot happening as i and others have worked our tails off to get OC rights.

But, the Moose is loose and what I've been up too has hit the media.

To really get it all and accurately on OC go the Missouri house page, see HB436 and click on "Amenedments".
There you will see and amendment by Paul Curtman. If you don't like how it reads, don't blame him, blame me because I wrote it.

The Senate bill for preemption SB268 just stalled out despite efforts for preemption it never went to the Senate floor, that's politics.

Below is the "news" story that broke OC rights into the public eye. I've defered on questions on the foum and most of the PMs.

I'd rather not have seen it go public, it sat very quietly in the back ground where I'd rather have seen it stay.

This is Missouri Politics, if you get anything at all, and it's not over yet, feel lucky!