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Thread: A forum "troll" or - - ?

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    Question A forum "troll" or - - ?

    This came in my email from a friend last night. This may not be the correct forum so please move as necessary.

    A Warning to All Gun Bloggers and Forums – Boston Marathon Explosions

    Please be aware that there are what we call “Bloomberg shills” lurking in the comments of gun blogs and forums at present. It has been going on since before the election, and we first noticed it as far back as our January 8th, 2012 article “2nd Amendment Voters Should Vote Ron Paul.” At first it seemed like fun because they got a lively discussion going, and many of our articles have over 400 comments just because of a few anti-gun comments peppered in by a shill here and there. But as more and more of them have come in, we have begun to realize that it is better to delete them. The anti-gunners have a plan, and that plan is to make gun people look stupid, heartless, and separate from the values of mainstream America. A recent “whistleblower” post about the Boston Marathon explosions is especially troubling. If you are part of a gun blog or forum, please don’t allow this post to spread, and beware that more attempts to make 2nd Amendment defenders look bad are coming.

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    Maybe I am stupid and heartless ..... and armed .... on Xanax...and a democrat (those who do mass murders) hahahahaha .... fear the reaper !!!!!! I don't ..

    lol .. But I have called several out ... they ran away...

    enjoy the blue oyster cult classic above

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