For all Libertarians that are reading, this should be of particular concern. On April, 18, 2013, the US House passed this bill (HR 624) that had been previously thought dead after the US Senate failed to act on it in the previous session after the House passed it back on April 26, 2012.

I found out about this today by trying to access a site that I routinely access. The site had a blackout in progress, and pointed to the passing of CISPA in the House as the reason for the blackout. The fact that this hasn't been really covered in the mainstream media is disturbing, as I usually am on top of current events, and legislative threats like this.

To describe the bill for anyone not up on what it is, the "skinny" is that it seeks to essentially do away with the fourth amendment over the internet.

A link I found today goes into more detail;

Looks like it is time to get in touch with our Senators (assuming that you oppose the bill), and voice your opposition to the passage of the bill. Obama is threatening a veto, but MIGHT waffle. We all know how awesome he is as a commander in chief, right?