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Thread: box that likely fell off truck closed highway down

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    box that likely fell off truck closed highway down

    This is why I have armed guards in my basement and attic ... to guard my boxes .. my precious boxes .... some of the comments are excellent ........ the pussification of america has begun ... if every box in america that fell off a truck at any time would require a highway to be shut down, the roads would be useless

    HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) - A report of a suspicious package forced police to shut down Mercury Boulevard in Hampton Tuesday.

    Sgt. Jason Price with the Hampton Police Division told the package was found in the 2000 block of West Mercury Boulevard at the Longhorn Steakhouse around 9 a.m.

    The package was a box, Price said. The box contained household items and clothes.

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    But .... But.... But ....

    But those people in Boston got to have swat/VIPR/semi-demi-nationalized National Guard troops crawling through their neighborhoods, and it's just not fair they they get that and we don't! We demand our equal right to be terrorized! We demand to be allowed to just as important in the eyes of some two-bit home-grown jihadist with probable ties to Al Qeda as Boston was.

    It's not like Mercury Blvd. is not already a temporary parking lot during commute times, that someone stopping and moving the box to the side of the road would make things that much worse. But two two-bit homegrown jihadists in Boston have spread terror all the way down the East Coast without actually lifting a finger to do anything.

    But for me the big question is: would anybody have noticed my purdy handgun I was OCing while I was standing in the middle of Mercury Blvd. trying to wave traffic away from the box?

    stay safe.
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    Wow you mean the FBI didn't go door to door searching people's homes?
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    I wonder how long the idiots tried demanding the box to put it's flaps up. Do we know if the box was eventually released, or did it die "resisting", possibly brandishing a staple? How did that box get into this country?
    I used to live in Hampton, and if boxes are now running wild, I will never return. I just wouldn't feel safe unless I had my high capacity box cutter on me.

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    Any of this goin' on?

    Photography might not be crime, but having a camera in a window is very risky in our current society.
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    box that likely fell off truck closed highway down

    Quote Originally Posted by Fuller Malarkey View Post

    Any of this goin' on?

    Photography might not be crime, but having a camera in a window is very risky in our current society.
    I'd have mooned 'im.

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