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    Question OC Question

    Quick question if you OC does that mean your going to get stopped by the cops each time?
    & if a cop comes to you there going to ask for ID & see if your gun is loaded, of you let them run your ID does that
    Mean your like in the cop system? Like why people refuse to give ID? & if after they search you "if", you allow them
    What happens after that? They just let you go?

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    Make sure you know the laws of your State and any State in which you OC.

    But, in general:

    No, you will not be stopped every time. You will be stopped some times. Not all cops know the law, and some are on power trips.

    You do not have to ID yourself unless it is a lawful stop. Check your State law as to what constitutes a lawful stop and how you go about IDing yourself. Typically, you can only be stopped if an officer has reasonable articulable suspicion (RAS) that you have committed, are committing, are about to commit, or are a witness to a crime.

    You may only be disarmed for officer safety during a lawful stop.

    The officer may not run your serial numbers for the hell of it. He must have probable cause--and usually a warrant.

    Many will advise you to refuse to ID yourself if the officer does not have RAS. I will advise you to follow the law regarding IDing yourself and letting the officer disarm you unless you know for a fact that the officer has no RAS. Most of the time, there is no way to know--and if you are wrong, in many States, you will be committing a crime if you refuse to ID yourself.

    Again, check your State law for specifics. What I have provided are general rules.

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    You will need to ask in the North Carolina forum, as the encounters will vary widely throughout the country. One of the moderators will likely move it for you soon, though.

    I can only hope your experiences are as completely uneventful as they are in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. In these states, there is no need to carry ID unless performing a licensed activity, and openly carrying a firearm isn't.
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    In over three years I have never been stopped by the police for OC in WA state. In WA we have no requirement to produce ID if stopped on the street. Tomorrow I will be walking into my local police department to report a fender bender, and I will be OCing my 1911. As mentioned go to your state forum, because the ID rules I mentioned apply to WA. Don't act a fool, and you will find most people to include the police won't even notice you are carrying. The more you carry the easier it gets.

    Update: Walked into the Lacey PD to file the accident report OCing. I was immediately tased, cuffed, and read my rights...... Just kidding, the officer handed me the paperwork to fill out, and mail in- Then said have a nice day.
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