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Thread: VA chp going to be in Jacksonville

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    Cool VA chp going to be in Jacksonville

    I could use advise on the law. I will be going to Florida Coastal for my daughters grad. Thanks

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    Florida honors Virginia's carry license/permit. See Without knowing exactly what you're asking, it's hard to offer direct advice. Florida does not permit open-carry as does Virginia, so keep it covered. "Printing" or "brief" display (such as a coat blowing up or when bending over) are not violations of Florida's ban on open-carry.

    There are several "prohibited places" that are itemized on the site recommended. The most common question is regarding carrying when/where consuming alcohol. It is unlawful to carry a firearm into a bar, or while seated at the portion of a restaurant containing a bar that is actually operating as the bar. Places like Friday's or Red Lobster have bars. You may carry while seated in their dining areas, even while consuming alcohol, but you may not sit at the bar in places like that while carrying a firearm, even if you do not consume.

    School campuses, including college campuses, are off-limits, unless attending a school-sponsored event that calls for the presence/use of firearms.

    Florida does not restrict the number of firearms that may be carried; it only requires that it/they be concealed.

    Enjoy your visit!
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