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Thread: Right to inform

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    Right to inform

    I looked around abit and didnt see a thread about this in the Indiana section. I wasnt sure if IN was a right to inform sate or not. If what im am saying is lost i mean do i have to tell the officer who is pulling me over i have a firearm on me and where? Or can i just let it go. I OC daily when i am not at work, when i go to work, at work and drive home i carry a pocket TCP hidden away so i dont get in trouble at work and i still feel safe. I have yet to be pulled over while carrying so i thought i would gather the information from ya'all. thank you in advance.


    P.S. I do have a Indiana LTC.

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    There is no law that requires it.

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    Right to inform,or duty?

    I think that it you use the advanced editing option you can correct the OP Title from "right" to duty.

    Yep. Verified.
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    No duty to inform in Indiana.

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