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Thread: New to OC - HELPFUL Site!

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    New to OC - HELPFUL Site!

    Good evening everyone.

    After visiting for some time now, wanted to say that this forum has been a wealth of information that has been extremely helpful and informative. I'm no stranger to firearms, having spent many years on Active Duty and now a Reservist and grew up with them. It wasn't until recently following a home invasion when the wife and I made the decision to finally purchase a handgun after what has been 21 years of talking about it, but never really being able to justify due to constant moves, overseas living, travel and really no other reason than to have one for the sake of having one.

    The night of the incident while wrapping up with the investigator on scene, I said time to finally get that gun, to which no attempt to talk me out of it from the wife and the officer telling my wife he has a good friend who is a great instructor after she said she'd never even touched a gun nor considered owning one.

    Next day started my two week background check (January was a baaaad month for trying to purchase) and finally got the call to come claim my item. Shhit, just 3 weeks ago wife came home with her own that she did all on her own!

    It wasn't until recently when I began to open carry while waiting for the 25th of May for the class we signed up for to get here (Saturday, CCW Class and Birthday all at once). The info has put me more at ease and I'm finding really quick the majority of places I frequent haven't batted an eye. Well first time I holstered wife looked at me and only word was "really?" Now she no longer bats an eye.

    I don't open carry all the time as I and my wife work on Federal bases, albeit separate. A whole other frustration having to leave a perfectly functional piece of protection in the home at risk of another incident, but not much one can do about that. I suppose I could register with base, but that involves forms, approval from my commander, dropping at armory early in morning and picking up after work, but on their schedule, not mine so to me, I just safe it up and come home, arm myself and carry on with my daily routine conducting my side business going company to company and making deliveries for orders placed (AMSOIL Dealer if anyone is familiar with how the company operates). Surprisingly enough, my open carry hasn't seemed to affect my independent sales but then again I carry about myself as it isn't even there.

    Any way, I can tend to ramble on and on about almost nothing so I'll just close by saying hello to everyone and I look forward to future information the community as to share.

    This is a great sight and one the search engines keep bringing me back to so you all must be doing something right!

    Shaun Phelps
    Fountain, Colorado

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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for your service too.

    Yes, you'll find that OC is really no big deal if you act like it's no big deal.
    One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, make it worth watching.

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    welcome aboard. Thanks for your dedication to the freedom of our country. You will find that not many will make a comment about you open carrying, I have seen some second glances, however, that is about it.

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    In regard to having to leave your firearm at home while going to work:

    Check around for concealed lockboxes or furniture with hidden compartments. If you just have a couple of handguns you can probably find something reasonable and smaller. There is a large bookcase sold by one company shown here:

    I am jealous though, at least you can go thru a process to take your firearm to work, where I work they just want everyone disarmed as potential victims for any workplace violence that may occur.

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