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    I came across this refreshing article in a blog by a liberal gun owner:

    There were lots of positive comments by liberals and conservatives. (I commented as CarryOn92.)

    Even though the media like to paint the gun control debate as a Democrat vs. Republican issue, it's not. Although the NRA's scoring system for legislators appears to be even-handed, the NRA senior leadership is blatantly pro-Republican. I think this works against them, since it's easy for the media to discount their positions as just being contrarian. Post-Sandy Hook, Wayne LaPierre came out swinging, which was (understandably) seen by many as heavy-handed and insensitive. Increased security and finding a mechanism to consider mental health in NICS are the only proposals that might actually reduce incidents like Sandy Hook/Aurora/Tucson/Columbine, but they were dismissed out-of-hand because the media don't like him. And because blaming guns and the NRA is easier, cheaper, and more politically expedient.
    Guns don't kill people. Drivers on cell phones do.

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    Very good read. On the video clip of the girl with the pink rifle, sure wish she would keep her finger off the trigger

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