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Thread: 50+ % ???

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    50+ % ???

    The law reads.

    244.125 Prohibition against possession of loaded firearm in room where alcoholic beverages are being sold by the drink
    3) This section shall not apply to a bona fide restaurant open to the general public having dining facilities for not less than fifty (50) persons and which receives less than fifty percent (50%) of its annual food and beverage income from the dining facilities by the sale of alcohol.

    But how are you to know the % i.e. Applebee's, Beef Obrady's, or other sports "bars"?
    Do you go by the FD poster that says no more than Blank no. of people?


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    It is easy enough to estimate the number of seats in a restaurant. 13 tables or more usually means it can hold over 50 people.

    Businesses apply for a specific type of liquor license. It is harder to get a bar license than it is to get a restaurant license, so if there is any doubt what type a business holds then it is most likely a restaurant. You can ask a manager what type of license they hold if you want to be thorough.
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    Also if the place has a sign that says you must be at least 21 to enter,(some may say unless with an adult , it's probably not a bar) will give some indication. And if still in doubt just ask

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    Generally, most ALL places like Applebee's, Chili's, Cheddar's, TGIFriday's, & Rudy Tuesday's are not an issue as they are mostly restuarant and the bar is just a secondary income source. If a place is just bar, then I'd steer clear of it. But you can carry in alcohol stores as they DO NOT sell or allow open alcoholic beverages on permises.

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