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Thread: Places I open carry near Nashville/Franklin

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    Places I open carry near Nashville/Franklin

    Everywhere!! I try to carry with me everywhere I go. I don't get around too much, but I carry when I do. I'll add to this list when I can. Obviously, the list isn't totally comprehensive, either, but it does include the places I can recall easily.

    Transplanted from Chicago to Nashville and LOVING open carry!

    Belle Meade Express Gas station
    Belle Meade Harris Teeter
    Bellevue West Side Taekwondo (owner strongly supports gun rights)
    Bellevue Kroger
    Bellevue Game Stop
    Bellevue Penn Station East Coast Subs
    Bellevue Five Guys (store manager noticed that I was carrying and gave me a smile and a "nice piece")
    Bellevue Starbucks (no longer OC friendly)
    Brentwood Panera Bread Co.
    Spring Hill Kroger
    Spring Hill Lowes
    Spring Hill Subway
    Spring Hill Starbucks (no longer OC friendly)
    Spring Hill Discount Tire
    Spring Hill Dunkin' Donuts
    Thompson Station Panera Bread Co.
    Franklin Stoney River Legendary Steaks
    Franklin Whole Foods

    It's also worth noting that I've never actually encountered a "No guns" sign anywhere I've been near Nashville.
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