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Thread: DHS is "protecting us"? If you believe that, check this out...

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    Angry DHS is "protecting us"? If you believe that, check this out...

    Although not specifically related to OC, this is a news item and a political alert. Julia Davis is a former DHS border supervisor - turned whistleblower - and she and her husband were immediately labeled "domestic terrorists" by Big Sis and her evil minions for having done her job. Some of you may be familiar with this interview, some may not... will give you the gist of how DHS works. It's a relatively short blurb (<18 minutes). Please don't discount her words simply because you don't like or distrust Alex Jones. She has also been interviewed on Fox News and several other media outlets. For those of you who may be interested in greater detail, there is another radio interview (1:48:01) at . The Russian FSB (formerly the KGB), and the Nazi Gestapo have nothing on DHS when it comes to aggressive (and in America's case, unconstitutional) tactics.
    Your thoughts? Pax...
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    Using the patriot act to spy on you...domestic terrorist designee.

    Not getting On-Star for sure ....

    Heck I just filed FOI requests and they call me a terrorist ...

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