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Thread: audio and video recording... somewhat off topic.

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    audio and video recording... somewhat off topic.

    So I just wanted to make sure about something. In Flora vs. State, does the ruling regarding video and audio recordig also apply to a private citizen recording in the common area of an apartmen complex? Such as a security camera mounted on the window and aimed out into the court yard and a faudio recorder used at the same time in the same court yard? There should be no expectation of privacy considering anybody can look out their window and see what is going on and anybody can simply walk by and overhear any conversation.
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    i'm sure rapgood can give you the legalease, I remember that the court ruling is pretty clear that if there is an expectation of privacy like closing the door on a phone booth to make a call, then a secret recording would be unlawful and fall under wiretapping, compared to speaking in an open field where no expectation of privacy is expected. I think the big issue you have to look at is the private property owners rules as it is not a public land area.
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    I believe that the Flora case would be the better case, since you're in Washington.

    So long as there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, you can record what ever you want in public.
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