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Thread: Olympus Has Fallen, review....

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    Olympus Has Fallen, review....

    so while cleaning out the pockets of my old coats in my closet, I find a movie ticket....

    and movie I want, from any regal cinema....what to see? Iron Man 3 was playing.. but I hate comics and never saw the first two, so no dice. 42 is playing.. good movie, good message, but ever since The blind side (an awesome movie btw) I decided that those types of movies simply aren't my favorite.... well the last day of Olympus has Fallen at the local regal.... Warning may contain spoilers

    They're back! you think after being evicted by a whiney little high school student and his super model girlfriend from Spokane in last years re-make of Red Dawn that those kooky koreans would've learned their lesson. As it turns out, the spokane invasion was probably just a mistake, they intended to invade "The Other Washington" this time they're wreaking havoc on the seat of America's national government.

    Aaron Eckhart (Thank you for smoking, Battle: Los Angeles is the POTUS, who after a tragic incident in which his wife is killed when the motorcade slips off a bridge on an icy road in Maryland, is still distraught over the ordeal, but he has no time to Grieve, there's war drums on the Korean Penninsula and the PM of the ROK is coming in for a visit.

    meanwhile over the Atlantic, a lone C-130 is flying towards Washington. They are challenged by two F-35s, that is until hidden machine guns pop out of the Herky shooting down both fighters and the future lobbying prospects of at least 12 defense contractors. All hell breaks loose. the AC-130 penetrates secured airspace, and in dramatic fashion kills about 50 secret service agents while smothering Georgetown with full auto weapons fire for added effect and forcing numerous democratic contributors to check into Motel 6. from here on out it only gets worse, the North Koreans swarm the people's house like the Chosen Reservoir, defeating the combined strength of the Secret Service, US Capitol Police, Metro DC police officers, and a handful of Marines while blowing their way into the building. Thanks to a traitor ex-secret service agent who espouses occupy wall street catchphrases to Koreans the commandos gain access to the secure bunker, killing all secret service agents in the White House and thus eliminating all future unfunded liabilities in personnel while the South Korean PM and some cabinet officials are graphically executed. alas the Army comes rolling along into town with tanks, Bradleys, helicopters, and hundreds of armed infantrymen....... two minutes too late

    "Olympus" (the super secret code word for the White House) is now under foriegn occupation, at least 100 cops from varying agencies lay dead and dying, the Washington monument has collapsed, and the Rose Garden has burned to the ground, it's panic button time, and Speaker of the House Alan Trumble (Morgan Freeman) is declared the president under action movie code 56.7B stating the Morgan Freeman must be the president when the stakes are high.

    Enter Special Agent Michael Banning (Gerhard Butler) the disgraced Secret Service Agent who has partial responsibility for the death of the first lady. After seeing the initial strike of the hijacked AC-130 from his desk job in the Treasury, he sees the oppurtunity for redemption (not to mention overtime) and runs towards the firefight at the whitehouse, head shotting (btw about half the people killed in the movie are by headshot, I guess all that Zombie preparation is really getting to people) several korean commandos and entering the whitehouse, where he is Americas only hope to stop the apacolypic plans of Kang, the Korean mastermind....

    The movie has a predictable plot, the combined forces of at least 30 federal LEAs plus the US Marines and Navy SEALs are basically slaughtered by ruthless elite commandos without ever having the chance to fire the 1.6 billion rounds they've been ordering, while the lone hero effortlessly exterminates the offending invaders. The end of the movie is the ticking time bomb scenario in which millions of people are saved with seconds to spare. originality is not this movie's middle name.

    The characterization is good, Aaron Eckart, while younger looking, is presidential enough for the role. Rick Yune plays the Evil and heartless Kang, the villian of the movie, and I wouldn't be shocked to see him in another blockbuster, he's got real talent that I would love to see in the future. Morgan Freeman's skill is undebated, and even the B-list actors played well.

    This is not a movie to take the kiddies to, violence is graphic and often gratiotus, chances are if Saving Private Ryan made you sick this is not for you. However there is no nudtiy or sexual references.

    As for guns? got lots... it seems Kang and his crew are Glock Fanboys, there's a ton of scoped remmy 700s, I think it's a law that remmys are in every action movie.. Butler seems to switch between his Sig P229 and a gun that I believe is a 1911, probably a Kimber. The first half of the movie though everyone was carrying Sigs, I couldn't help but believe the 13 minute scene where half the bad guys were also carrying P229s was a running commercial for Sig Sauer....
    P-90s, AR-15s, and MP-5s abound, in addition to numerous knife fights and graphic knife killings.

    Overall 2.5/out of 5 stars for the graphic and predictable, but suspensful Olympus Has Fallen
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    Somehow I doubt I would enjoy the movie 1/2 as much as I did your review of it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lasjayhawk View Post
    Somehow I doubt I would enjoy the movie 1/2 as much as I did your review of it!
    I will just stream it for free and I will let you know.
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