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Thread: A Heads Up - The Yellow Cat Returns To Wisconsin

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    A Heads Up - The Yellow Cat Returns To Wisconsin

    I will re-post this in about a month, but the Yellow Cat is returning to Wisconsin for a family reunion during the last weekend in June and will be teaching the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit course on Saturday, June 29th. I can be available to teach other firearms courses on Friday, June 28th. As some of my WI students will attest, there is an advantage of having a firearms proficiency certificate from a National Organization (NRA).

    The Utah Concealed Firearms Permit is of high value in Wisconsin as it allows for concealed carry in MN and a host of other states that do not recognize the Wisconsin Concealed Weapons License. This is of importance to those who travel and want to carry when they do so. Unlike a FL or AZ permit, the UT permit does not require live shooting qualification and the fee is much more reasonable. (Note: Prior to applying for a UT Permit, all WI Residents must have a WI License. The UT Course is good for 1 year so you do not have to actually have a WI License before taking the course, just before applying for the UT permit.)

    Former students are welcome to audit the course at no charge as a "refresher". Please see my website for applicable fees and discounts. WI Carry members and NRA members get discounts. Plus, my fee schedule is well below any other instructor in Wisconsin who is certified by the Utah Department of Public Safety to teach the course. If there is enough interest, I will do a follow-on course for students who take the UT course that meets the requirements of the WI License at no cost (to match the no-cost approach of WI Carry, Inc.)

    Yellow Cat Out -
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    yellow cat you drove past my curry house. I suppose you forgot that you were going to stop by for a bite of spicy goat meat curry.

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    I'll be watching for the Friday class as I am booked for sure Sat.

    Never hurts to do a refresher.

    Thank you Sir.
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