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Thread: Thank you folks

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    Thank you folks

    This will be real short I had a real rough day and need rest.

    I just wanted to thank every single person who called, wrote a note, and voiced support. It takes a village and we made some headway this year that I must say I wondered about on more than one occasion.

    I know there are going to be folks not happy that it is not perfect, well imho it is one HUGE step in that direction and one that has taken YEARS to complete. how long it will take to reach perfection? I do not know, but I will reach for it right beside those willing to work at it.

    The most IMPORTANT step you can take, do NOT forget those in the legislature that helped us get it done. Lend a few bucks, a yard sign, a weekend of help to those who stood for our liberties and by all means vote vote vote!!!!

    I have a lot of thank you notes to send tomorrow, but I wanted to be sure and thank everyone here before I went to bed, thank you one and all who extended an effort, it is because of those efforts it was all worth it.

    John C. Eastman Associate Dean of Chapman University’s School of Law "the Second Amendment, like its sister amendments, does not confer a right but rather recognizes a natural right inherent in our humanity."

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    Well said. Huge step indeed. Thanks everyone!

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    All my thanks !

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    Thanks LMTD!!

    Appreciate all your hard work!!

    "I can live for two weeks on a good compliment."
    ~Mark Twain

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