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    From Missouri

    A few months ago I went to a meet and greet in Broken Arrow, OK when you good folks got open carry preemption. Well, last night was historic in Missouri.
    Missouri HB436 passed the House last night and is going to the Governor. It is titled "Second Amendment Preservation Act".
    It is perhaps the most comprehensive 2nd Amendemnt Bill against Federal Government intrusion in the Country.
    It also restores some rights for open carry taken away from the citizens of Missouri in 1985.
    I'm not ashamed to say I was the author of that amendment in the bill.
    I wish you folks in OK all the best and thank you for welcoming me to your State for a brief visit.
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    I worked 24/7 for 2A OC rights! Don't like what I did? Try it yourself, it was my full time job!
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    Thank you for joining us sir. You are always welcome to join us again. And congratulations on your success.
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