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    Research Paper

    I am planning to write a paper on a topic that pertains to armed citizens and how it can be related to crime or the deterrence of crime for college. No, I am not asking anyone to do my homework but help me draw up some ideas on the topic, I currently do not have a title for the research paper but more or less I am struggling to find empirical research articles and monographs pertaining to the such topic/problem. I need 10 empirical articles, 5 monographs, and 2 other sources besides books i.e interviews to start with but after that I can use other forms of media to include.
    I have found this book Armed-Citizen Solution to Crime in the Streets : So Many Criminals, So Few Bullets by Mack Tanner that I will use.

    Empirical Articles contain the following:
    Empirical articles typically are published in academic, scholarly, or professional journals, are substantial in length (between 20 and 40 pages on average), and contain the following sections: (1) Abstract; (2) Introduction; (3) Literature review; (4) Methodology; (5) Results; (6) Discussion; (7) Conclusion; (8) References

    A monograph is a specialist book on a single subject or an aspect of a subject, usually by a single author. Unlike a textbook, which surveys the state of knowledge in a field, the main purpose of a monograph is to present primary research and original scholarship. An edited volume features articles or other material on the same subject but by different authors collected together in one book by an editor or editors

    All sources must be relevant to your crime problem!

    If my idea for a topic is too vague, please feel free to let me know and help me generate topics, please and thank you all.

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    I think even DHS has position papers/opinions on deterrence effects ...

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