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Thread: OC while riding motorcycle through school zone?

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    OC while riding motorcycle through school zone?

    Ok, I have read a lot of posts about OC and GFSZ and I see most of you are not overly concerned due to lack of enforcement.
    I feel the same way BUT,
    I ride my motorcycle regularly and intend to OC while riding which means that my weapon is clearly in view as I pass by anyone who's looking.
    I know that in NC one will very likely encounter an officer while passing through a school zone during school hours.
    So, If I am OC while on my bike when this encounter happens then what am I to expect to happen.
    Can it be argued that I am on a public road and not venturing onto school property?
    What about the 1000 ft zone?
    I know some will suggest I take an alternate route and that is a possibility in some cases but If I am on a ride into a new area I am not familiar with I will not know when or where I may pass a school.
    I would like to hear from any other riders who OC too please.

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    This has been discussed ad nauseum. The GFSZ is an add on charge that law enforcement uses to make life hard for real criminals. If an officer decides to charge you with GFSZ while traveling and you have broken no other laws he probably considered charging you with GATTTOTP also.
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