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Thread: wanting to form an OC group in southern Ohio.

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    wanting to form an OC group in southern Ohio.

    I'm new to this forum and somewhat new to firearms ownership (bought my first firearm about 2 years ago) and was wanting to open carry in my county (Scioto County) and have gotten mixed reviews about doing so. I was told by a close friend and gun shop owner that if I open carry that I could still be cited for "inducing panic" if another individual called law enforcement. I'm not only looking to exercise my right to bear arms and to legally open carry a firearm but in my area the crime rate and types of crimes committed have gotten much worse. how might I go about legitimizing and de-criminalizing our desire or need to OC? would it be more accepted if we banded together in our area as OC'ers and went to our local governing bodies and law enforcement and listed ourselves as open carry? any and all suggestions and past grievances against OC would be wonderful.

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    First, welcome to the forum and welcome to open carrying.

    Next, spend some time reading past threads here in the Ohio forum. There's plenty of good info here.

    Then, realize that a LEGAL action is never a cause for being charged with inducing panic OR disorderly conduct.

    If you don't already have one, get a voice recorder. Have it with you AND recording anytime you leave the house open carrying. Even while alone in your vehicle, even if your handgun is unloaded and stored properly.

    If you haven't experienced any personal negative interactions with law enforcement, don't go looking to confront them. Put on your handgun and go about your daily business. If anyone asks you about it, calmly explain to them that open carry is legal in Ohio.

    If someone wants to argue with you, don't argue back at them. Some folks just don't/won't get it.

    Familiarize yourself with the various firearms laws in the Ohio Revised Code at

    An open carry group is a good idea. Do you already have some other folks in the area that open carry?

    I'm in Logan (Hocking county) and could probably attend events down there. There are some folks in and around Cincinnati that might even attend.

    Above all else, have fun and stay safe.
    What does a caring, sensitive person feel when they are forced to use a handgun to stop a threat?


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    Your very first words to an officer during an encounter should be, "Am I free to go?" If he says yes, go. If he does not answer after several attempts, slowly turn and leave. If he stops you by a command or by touching you, stop and stay. If he says no, stay. If he indicates at all that you may not leave, you have been detained, "seized" in the words of Terry v. Ohio. That detention may not be lawful, but it is quite real. If it is not lawful, you technically do not have to identify yourself. However, ask Roy Call how that works out.

    I plan on identifying myself whether the detention is lawful or not. Unless the cop is stupid (some are) and tells you that you have been detained solely for OC, you have no way of knowing if the detention is lawful. So I recommend that you assume that the stop is lawful, identify yourself, and allow the officer to disarm you. Make sure that your absolute lack of consent to be stopped, to identify yourself, and to have your firearm seized gets on the the recording. Make sure that, if the officer touches you (such as grabbing your arm to stop you from leaving), his action is recorded by making a comment: "Why did you grab my arm?" "Ow, you are hurting my arm," or the like.

    The above implies that you carry a recorder every time that you OC and have the recorder running from the moment you leave the house until you return.

    Welcome to OCDO. If you'd like to form an organization, just start scheduling some meetups at local OC-friendly establishments. Most of us in the area will be happy to travel to your town to participate.

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