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Thread: updates on legal challanges to new aw bill? are there any hopefully??

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    Question updates on legal challanges to new aw bill? are there any hopefully??

    I understand this sight deals with opencarry mainly. However, good information, educated people and guidance on related firearms issues often starts or comes form these forums. I look to them frequently.
    That being said, have there been any legal challenges to the new AWB or no of any that are about to be presented?
    Were else could i look to find updates on this issue?
    Things have cooled off a tad so I'd guess the legal arguments would have started moving forward. Were are they???
    Still holding onto the hope that the constitution rains supreme, thanks

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    Attorney Ennis has filed a suit alleging the new law unfairly targets people with physical disabilities as it denies the ability to have a modular, customizable rifle. The big suit from the CCDL, NRA, Coalition of CT Sportsmen and numerous manufacturers has not yet been filed but they are getting ready. Join the CCDL at membership is free, by becoming a member you will receive periodical emails updating you about this issue, if you are on facebook you can also join the CCDL group page but they do ask that you go to their website and become a CCDL member as that is what counts when they speak at the Capitol.
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    I filed several FIC complaints arguing violations of our open meeting requirements -- the FIC can nullify the vote if they want (most are Malloy appointees and legislature appointees). Hoping to just get a finding that they violated the open meeting requirements -- then the courts will have to knock the entire law off the books.

    I will continue on to appeal any other finding by the FIC ... in MAR they had 2 proposals , in APR one .. w/o any public meetings in between ....

    I found an email from Williams admitting secret meetings within task force committee members .... hard to argue with this evidence that they did not have secret meetings ...
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