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Thread: Getting flak from random people for Open Carry?

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    Getting flak from random people for Open Carry?

    I open carry wherever I go. The holster is very visible and a well-cared for glock 19 is always inside strapped to the right side of my hip. Of course, I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop. I carry it to protect not only myself, but citizens around me. What I am wondering is why people seem to think this isn't acceptable? I was at Wal-mart the other day and was peacefully browsing around the store near the ammo section when a random guy came up to me and said...

    Him: "So, open carry huh?"

    Me: "Yeah."

    Him: "Well THAT'S RIDICULOUS!"

    I was kinda surprised about this. He was quite bitter about how he said it, too, and immediately wandered off after he said that. I was taken off guard for a few seconds, but then I yelled after him "It's my constitutional right!".

    I wasn't doing anything bad, wasn't fumbling with my gun or anything, was well-dressed, polite, and not doing anything out of the ordinary. Is anyone else getting flak like this? I don't get it. The moment I'm the only thing standing between him and a badguy, he would certainly change his tune...

    When I see a peaceful person with a gun at their side, I think "Oh look, a good guy!", and consider it added protection in the area. What's up with people thinking anything otherwise? If I were a bad guy, why on earth would I draw attention to myself by strapping the gun to my side?

    Anyways, I think it's stupid that people get all upset like this. They should be grateful that people take it upon themselves to stay armed and are willing to not only protect themselves, but other people around them.
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    Don't even respond ...

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    I have not had any one say anything yet, besides what I am carrying. But I would probably ignore them also.

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    No problems of that sort in Weber County... yet. Most people who are not really "into" sidearms (and many who are barely into them) are unaware that Utah is an OC state, and OC is supported in the Utah State Constitution as well as the statutes. Also, the state laws regarding firearms are preemptive laws - no political subdivision can create local firearms laws in contravention of the state law. Pax...
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    Folks would be more welcoming as they notice you OCing if you were not dripping Cheetos crumbs all over the place.

    stay safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KurtTheMormon View Post
    ...........but then I yelled after him.............
    Bad form - very bad form.

    That coupled with your other posts raises some serious questions about who and what you are. By the tone and tenor you come across as an in-your-face, internet expert and I even suspect you are jerking our chain, playing with the site. If that is the case, you won't last long here.
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    Re: Getting flak from random people for Open Carry?

    Really Kurt seems like gecko45 again oh brother here we go again

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    Maybe you should check with a surplus store for a used "flak" vest...
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    Re: Getting flak from random people for Open Carry?

    Kurt? Huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingWolf View Post
    Maybe you should check with a surplus store for a used "flak" vest...

    If something is wrong for ONE person to do to another, it is still wrong if a BILLION people do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KurtTheMormon
    a random guy came up to me and said...
    And his opinion matters to you why, exactly?

    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth
    Don't even respond
    Perhaps a raised eyebrow & sorrowful headshake.
    Tasteful yet understated.

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    Odd, I've never had anyone complain about to me when I open carry. The other day, also at Walmart, I had two gentlemen from Alabama who recently moved here and were elated to find out that Utah allows open carry. In fact I've only ever had people just ask questions about the laws or curiously ask why I personally do it. I do have to agree that yelling after the guy was not the best approach; it was kind of a missed opportunity to help better inform someone who may not know why people open carry.

    (BTW yes this is my first post, I lurk around forums a bit but tend not to post, just felt I'd get less lazy and actually register and respond to this one.)

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    My Experience With Open Carry In the Salt Lake Valley

    From time to time I open carry, but usually I "casual carry" ( open shirt covering the holstered firearm, but the shirt frequently blows open in the wind). I have never had anyone say anything to me. In Cabela's, when taking one of my friends to visit (he open carry - me concealed), a clerk asked him to keep his handgun holstered "unless he needed it to defend himself or another person". At home I always open carry until bedtime - then the handgun goes on the nightstand at the ready.

    I have learned from experience that whether or not somebody "says something" about open carry has a lot to do with how you are dressed, hair length, personal; grooming, and the way you present yourself. I have "cop hair" and am an ex-LEO (Deputy Sheriff - Rock County, Wisconsin). Sometimes when I open carry, I find people looking for a "badge".

    I believe at least some Utah citizens (and even some Utah LEOs) are starting to "get it" - that bad guys do not open carry - only good guys do. And, while I support your right to open carry, I personally prefer the tactical advantage of concealed carry. But, when I do open carry, having a permit means my firearm is ready to go "bang" without having to do extra work to make it ready. I also do not have to worry about those ever present and ever pesky Gun Free School Zones. (Misnamed - they are actually "come kill me" zones.) Thus, if you do not have a permit, I encourage you to attend the course and apply.
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