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Thread: Clearfield OC "Weather"

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    Clearfield OC "Weather"

    If luck's with me, I'll be visiting my GF next month in, you guessed it, Clearfield.

    The last time I was out there I hadn't started OC'ing yet. Did the usual touristy stuff (Browning museum, a preserve at Salt Lake, you know the drill).

    GF says I can only bring my EDC with me if I let her find a couple of ranges for me to go to. Her thinking is "Why bring it if you're not going to use it?"

    If range time makes her comfy with my OC, who am I to argue?

    Anyway, what's the OC mood in Clearfield and the surrounding area? Not that it really matters to me personally, but am I liable to get harassed? Don't want to leave a sour taste with the GF about OC.


    ETA: What's the consensus about pricing at the gun counter at Smith and Edwards? That was a cool store.

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    Clearfield is about 4 miles from me now, although I used to live there. It's a nice enough small town, with indoor ranges on either side of it (Layton and Ogden), but none in Clearfield proper that I'm aware of. The range in Layton has about 1/2 the shooting points of the one in Ogden, and they are both on the same street (Utah SR 108 & SR126), it just changes numbers as you go north.

    Clearfield is not known for harassing OC'ers, but that doesn't mean some rookie wouldn't give you the 3rd degree over OC. The following quotes are from

    Open Carry IS Legal in Utah - however, there is a big difference between the abilities of CFP holders and non-CFP holders. There is also the matter of wisdom in the matter. IF YOU HAVE A CONCEALED FIREARM PERMIT - you can also open carry a fully loaded firearm. You give up the advantage of surprise, and can attract unwanted attention.

    Keep in mind that if a sheeple gets scared, they WILL call 911. They won't say that they saw a man with a gun in a holster. They will say they saw a man with a gun. After the "telephone game", that will most likely be interpreted by the responding police as a "man waving a gun around and scaring people".
    There is also the matter of LE response. Unfortunately, our myriad and copious number of laws has created the situation that no LEO knows ALL of the laws they are charged to enforce. This includes the laws relating to firearms. While most SHOULD show up, see someone acting peaceably with a holstered firearm, and walk away - there are some that will react as if they are observing a felony in progress. Do you really want to go there? While you should not have to worry about this, the sad reality is that you do.
    And, be aware that Utah has a rather unusual definition of "unloaded" (which is the only way you can OC in Utah without a CFP). "Utah unloaded" means the gun will be in such a condition that it will require two separate mechanical actions to cause the gun to fire.
    In Utah, a round in "firing position" = loaded. If semi-auto, no loaded round in chamber but magazine may be loaded. (rack slide = one action plus pull trigger = 2 actions). A cocked and locked 1911 is considered loaded, and therefore illegal without a CFP.

    If a revolver, the chamber under the hammer AND the next one in rotation must be empty. This gets you around the loaded firearm definition in Utah (if the chamber under the hammer has a round, then TECHNICALLY there is a loaded round in firing position even though PHYSICALLY and FUNCTIONALLY that round won't fire as the trigger will first rotate the cylinder). Two pulls of trigger = two actions. This leaves you two down on a revolver, and at a further disadvantage.

    On this one, don't expect the average patrol officer to understand the direction of rotation on the cylinder. Many of them have never handled a revolver before. Just be prepared, and again, ask yourself if you really want to go there.
    Smith and Edwards has never been particularly impressive on their handgun pricing, but right now nobody is selling cheap. Smith and Edwards is still a "cool store" with a fairly large gun counter. I haven't been there in a couple of months, but the last visit I was disappointed by the relatively small quantity from which to choose. Locally (as of today) a box of 50, 115gr 9mm Remington JHP ammo is selling (not to me) for an average of $45.00 per box.

    Hope this was helpful to you. Pax...
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    Glocks ROCK!

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    Re: Clearfield OC "Weather"

    Pax, that was indeed helpful. Thank you very much.

    A box of 9mm JHP going for 45?? Wow! I don't shoot 9, but I'll ask the GF to check around for an average price for my caliber.

    That was a huge heads up. Thanks for that.

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