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Thread: False flag event highly likely w/in 7 days. Red alert. Mike Adams, Natural News

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    False flag event highly likely w/in 7 days. Red alert. Mike Adams, Natural News

    " the Obama administration is under intense fire right now and needs a quick distraction. In stage magic, it's called the "art of misdirection." In politics, it's called the "Clinton method." This is exactly what Bill Clinton did over and over again during his administration: Any time he was about to be raked over the coals for some political scandal, he would simply order the bombing of another "terrorist factory" somewhere around the globe"

    To this I would add Emily Miller's news post elsewhere.
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    Yes, Clinton did this a number of times during his two administrations and yes, nothing would surprise me with the current gang of power-hungry occupiers of this administration. Should be an interesting week.
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    Well something has to the Benghanzi lies away from the public eye ...

    Isn't it nice that when one says "false flag", everyone knows what it means ...
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