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Thread: Morrisville Little League games cancelled due to gun rallies

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    Morrisville Little League games cancelled due to gun rallies

    Dan O'Connell, president of Morrisville Little League, said ... he wasn't taking a stand on the gun issue but was unhappy that the competing events prompted authorities to ask him to cancel. He said the adult subject matter "doesn't fit with youth sports," and a rally of the size proposed - gun control organizers sought a permit for 200 people - was likely to encroach on nearby fields in any case.


    O'Connell, the league's director, said he had been at the rally Saturday afternoon and saw some of the counter-protesters carrying weapons.

    "They have a right to do that; it just takes you aback a second," he said, adding that police were correct not to want children in the area in such an environment, especially with passions on both sides high.
    Interesting that it was the police who asked him to cancel.

    That last paragraph is a slight change from an earlier, related article:

    O'Connell also said he's been informed that it's illegal to carry a weapon in the park.
    It'd be interesting to learn who's misinforming him.
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    As always, it's for the chillllldrennnnn!

    Regarding the comment that "we don't go to the NRA convention and protest" - I guess with the pitifully small numbers they mustered it might be better to just forget they made any attempt at all.

    The two articles nicely point out that when our side plans an event and they show up in protest it's merely the exercise of their First Amendment rights, but when we show up to counter their planned activity it's always a mean-spirited attempt at intimidation.*

    I wonder if it would be possible to get the parks people and the cops to be candid for just once and explain which side they feared might cause violence. At all the rallies, protests, marches and the like that I've been to I cannot recall any pro-rights participants calling out for violence against the anti-rights folks, while more than half the time when the anti-rights folks gather (on theiur own or to counter a pro-rights activity) they make overt threats of violence.

    stay safe.

    * - see "Why the gun is civilization"
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    Wonder how many kids showed up, not getting the message, and when their funerals are planned...

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