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Thread: Where would you want intruders to lock you up?

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    Where would you want intruders to lock you up?

    Yet another instance of the MSM not covering the lawful use of firearms.
    The only terrorists I see nowadays are at the Capital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joanie View Post
    Where would you want intruders to lock you up?

    The condisions are worse in jail, than in NetCare (a state run mental institution) however, in jail, they have to give you due process and allow tou to bail or bond out. Both places will take all your clothes and put you in a display cage for the other prisoners to see you. In both places you can be raped although its much more brutal in jail when the gaurds do it in a holding cell. I did hear the sounds of Columbus police raping a woman in Netcare, I'll never forget it. Franklin county sheriffs are known for raping women in their own bedroom, and their jail gaurds do it more openly in a holding cell.
    You seem to have some issues which you do not mind expressing publically, even when those issues are significantly off topic. It's your call what you want to do about the issues, but I want you to be aware that at least one person finds your expressing them publically in a forum dedicated to the lawful open carry of a holstered handgun to be off-putting.

    OCDO is not the appropriate venue for grinding your axe about forced mental health care or the criminal behaviors alleged to have been committed by some cops. Well, it could be an appropriate venue if you moved it to The Social Lounge.

    stay safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skidmark View Post least one person...
    at least two.

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    Lock me up with 2 or 3 ladies in the bedroom ...

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    Where would you want intruders to lock you up?

    They could lock me up in any room they want, I've got guns hidden everywhere...
    "When seconds count between living or dying, the police are only minutes away."

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    If you hear the door being kicked in, grab a gun if you can before checking it out. An article said he was upstairs when they broke in.

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