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Thread: El Paso, Saturday, 11:20 AM....concealed carry holder, uses gun to fend off

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    El Paso, Saturday, 11:20 AM....concealed carry holder, uses gun to fend off

    A picture is worth a thousand words...

    Concealed carry holder on the phone with 911, holding his gun on the assailant....

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    Quote Originally Posted by HP995 View Post

    An altercation at a Walmart parking lot escalated to the point where one person drew a concealed firearm, police said
    No information about the extent of the altercation. I'm withholding judgement on whether or not deadl;y force was justified.

    The picture shows the guy we will call BG leaning up against a car (presumably his) with his hands up only at shoulder leve. IMHO it would have been safer all around to have the BG prone out away from the car, and for the gun holder to take up a position behind him. (If the BG had a weapion, thus justifying deadly force, where is it? In the car?)

    The woman standing close to the BG may be accompanying him. As such I'd want her away from him and not in a position where she could rush the gun holder as a distraction so the BG could obtain a weapon. Also, moving her farther away puts her out of the line of any fire that might happen.

    The guy in the orange jacket appears to be with the gun holder. If so, I'd have tasked him with 1) continuing communication with 9-1-1, 2)establishing a perimeter to keep gawkers out of the way and out of the line of fire, and 3) to watch for and signal the police when they arrive.

    If the guy in the blue hood is with the gun holder I'd task him with collecting name/address info of everyone standing around watching the drama play out. They could just be gawkers but they might be witnesses. Having an "independent" witness eliminates he said/she said by the time the police get finished interviewing everybody.

    No, I do not stay up nights going through scenarios in my head and memorizing what I'd do and how I'd do it. I just run through the possibilities as both mental imaging and as drills to see where any holes in my thinking and/or execution might be, and then go on to other activities. (Don't ask - you might not like it when you find out what those are.) Plus here, Sunday-afternoon quarterbacking, I have the luxury of time to analyse and prioritize.

    stay safe.
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    The man with the gun cooperated fully with police, and no charges were filed. Police said they will send a report to the District Attorney's Office.

    I assume that this means for either the carrier or the other guy he pulled a gun on. The carrier may have some legal troubles ahead.

    Walmart parking lot

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    Oh, how I miss El Paso so much.

    This particular Wal-Mart at 7101 Gateway East Blvd is close to a house that I now own as of last week.

    I am particularly please to see that District Attorney Jaime Esparza has declined to pursue this further.

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    Way, way too little information - not even thinking about speculating on this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhow1nm2 View Post
    A picture is worth a thousand words...

    Concealed carry holder on the phone with 911, holding his gun on the assailant....
    Lived in El Paso for eight years...2 attempted home invasions, 4 trespasses onto my property, 1 car broken into , (naturally the security guard sitting in booth saw "nothing at all"), and various other crap; along with all the mess that goes on in that city, and well...this could've been a lot worse.... I'm glad I don't live there anymore...
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