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Thread: Shooting in a Church in Crozet (near Charlottesville)

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    Shooting in a Church in Crozet (near Charlottesville)

    My wife just sent me a text message to tell me that there's apparently been a shooting in a church in Crozet. I'll update if and when I get more info.

    ETA: NBC 29 has a preliminary article (with no details) posted. It doesn't mention a church, but gives the address as 1446 McAllister. link

    They're saying on TV now that someone was shot behind the church, not in it.
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    Albemarle Police are investigating a shooting that occurred just after 10 a.m. Tuesday, in the 1400 block of McAllister Street in Crozet.

    Police said that a 10-year-old girl was shot and died at the scene. A male juvenile was involved and discharged the gun, police said.

    The investigation is on-going and that is the only information police have provided at this point.

    There were initial community concerns, but police said that the scene was secure. A staging center was established right after the shooting, at the Open Door Ministry, according to reports from WCAV.

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