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Thread: can anyone explain the "to and from fishing" carry law?

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    can anyone explain the "to and from fishing" carry law?

    Im going to fresno in a couple of days for a reunion. I do remember that If I had a legitimate fishing license that i could carry. What are the limitations on this? Can i have it loaded?
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    Sorry, I assume my response is no longer useful to you for your trip to Fresno that likely already passed. But to answer your question, no, the fishing license exception is to the CONCEALED carry restriction, not the LOADED one. And you have to be fishing or going to or coming from a "fishing expedition" for the exception to apply. Of course, if you are fishing or going to or coming from fishing in a place where it is not illegal to possess a loaded firearm, then you can have a loaded, concealed firearm legally with a fishing license. That being said, be prepared for law enforcement to not be aware of this exception and cause you problems. So, you might want to have a copy of the Penal Code section providing for the exception handy.

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