This was posted on a military forum. I guess it is everywhere. I wonder if japan has any ex-kamakazi pilots swapping "war stories".

Former party official accused of falsifying wartime achievements
March 12, 2013 by vietnamnet

The Hero of the People's Armed Force is normally awarded to individuals with "exceptionally outstanding achievements in combat, combat service and work, represent the revolutionary heroism in the cause of national liberation, national defense and the protection the people".
Ho Xuan Man was awarded with the title in 2010 after he submitted a claim, which included a number of documents that attested to his accomplishments in Phong Dien District between the years of 1964 and 1975.
The group of veterans, however, said that the claims he made in order to earn the title were fabrications, although the award has helped him in his civilian career.
According to Man's declarations, he joined the provincial security and armed forces to protect the people's committee of the party in 1964. He also claimed that his unit killed a squad of six American soldiers in 1966.