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Thread: Video Game Review: Fallout: New Vegas

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    Video Game Review: Fallout: New Vegas

    So after a few years I dusted off my copy of Fallout: New Vegas and gave it a few whirls.

    This game is fairly out of date now, having been released in 2010. It comes for the PC/Mac Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3. The general storyline of the Fallout Series in general is based off of the end results of a nuclear war between China and the USA, and the various games follow characters as they start as average people just trying to survive the wastelands of used to be America, encountering tribes, primitive settlements, mutated creatures, and remnants of the US Government, both good and Evil. The game is set approximately 200 years from now, involving the remains of soceity about 150 years after the nuclear war

    Obviously the founding fathers were right again, how would fight radioactive ghouls without your hi-capacity assault weapon? just try reloading with your bullet button in this case...
    The trailer posted at the front of the thread explains some of the back story, the New California Republic (NCR) was formed in the 2nd fallout game which came out in the late 1990s, as survivors of Southern California banded together to form a new society based on a constitutional republic. Now if there's one thing good about nuclear wars, it's that people quickly decide they love the Second Amendment, and the NCR is no exception, in fact the NCR's government officially sponsors a trade organization (called the "Gun Runners") which retails evil assault weapons and ammunition to general wasteland public, no background checks required. The NCR is the source of controversy in the game as they wish to take control of the Hoover Dam and annex the whole of Nevada, as the NCR levies heavy taxes to support it's government, this is not a popular idea with the Nevadans...

    Even worse however, is the idea of Ceasars Legion taking over.... the Legion is ruled by a deranged ex-mormon who goes by Caesar, which is appropriate as he considers himself some kind of emporer. Now the Legion on the other hand has levied strict gun control on it's people, even the soldier's of the legion are not exempt... they fight, and usually manage to win, against the NCR using roman style swords and throwing spears. They also like to take drugs and go raiding on the weekends, burning towns to the ground and crucifying people who don't agree with them, but since they don't use guns they are a prime example of a shining society as "gun crime" is non-existant, even among the legion's costumed enforcers. (and man do they like costumes, did I mention they all dress in roman style tunics)

    After failed years as a CNN Contributer, Piers Morgan finally decides to do something about gun violence
    Mr. House is the eccentric manager of Las Vegas, he is actually cryogenically frozen physically, while his brain is downloaded into a robot (which is certainly eccentric, even for rich people) it is later learned he was alive before the nuclear war, and in a textbook example of libertarian voluntaryism used his fortunes to build a laser system that protected Vegas, the dam, and the surrounding country side from the Chicom nukes...

    The game starts out with you waking up in a doctor's house in Goodsprings, NV, it is at this point you'll select your character's sex, appearance, hair, etc. choosing gender is an important decision as this will effect a good deal of character interaction with NPCs and give you different options. after that you'll have the option of taking tutorial quests to teach you how to play the game, then you're off on your own, heading into the world, about to change history for good.

    the game is divided into quests, you can choose to take different quests and resolve problems differently. for example, in one quest Primm, Nevada is overtaken by roving criminals, and you can choose to help them restore order, or simply leave them victim. you actions, good and bad, will be remembered by NPCs in the game and will affect their willingness to help you (for instance, you can kill like 20 children in a town, but then every member of that town will try to kill you whenever they see you, or if you help that town, they will provide you supplies and discounts at the stores) while the game is sandbox style, meaning you're free to do what you want, to complete the game you'll have to choose one of 4 overarching storylines to finish

    For the Republic, you assist the New California Republic in annexing Nevada and defeating the legion once and for all

    Render Unto Caesar, you assist the legion in defeating the NCR and enslaving the Mojave desert

    The House Always Wins You join forces with Mr. House, defeating both the legion and the NCR and installing house as the leader of the entire wasteland

    Wild Card You flip off a big fat middle finger to everyone and rule the wasteland yourself

    Guns? Guns?
    will since it's quasi futuristic many weapons such as plasma rifles don't obviously translate to current firearms, however several real life firearms appear in this game, the Service rifle is the standard rifle of the NCR, and is an AR-15 with wooden furniture. The Browning Hi-Power, Ruger 22/45, Ruger Vaquero, S&W Model 29, and Marlin 1894 all make appearances in the game, furthermore, open carry is widely accepted in the Mojave wasteland. for 15 bucks and 30 consecutive hours of your life with no sleep and a big bowl a' potato chips, Fallout: New Vegas is loads of fun

    5 stars outta 5.
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