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Thread: Marine veteran seized by FBI for Facebook posts

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    Marine veteran seized by FBI for Facebook posts

    Young former Marine posted political views on FaceBook. Some friendly officials arrived to ask a few questions and then cuff him and take him to a mental facility with no due process.

    His most popular posting:

    Arguments over whether he incited violence:


    This guy believed 9/11 was inside job, so I would have disagreed with some of his views, but so what?

    I'm amazed this can happen now, just grabbing people, and submitting to mental facility seems to be a new trend. If recent veterans are feared and viewed as dangerous, given extra scrutiny, then gun owners might be too.

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    This goes back to Aug 2012 - Rutherford Institute announced it was defending.

    The shifting fortunes of Marine veteran Brandon J. Raub moved in his favor Thursday after a Hopewell judge criticized his forced relocation to a veterans hospital in western Virginia for mental treatment and then ordered him released.

    The case raises anew concerns about Virginia's civil commitment proceedings for mentally ill people, proceedings that were overhauled after Virginia Tech mass murderer Seung-Hui Cho underwent a similar process that upon closer scrutiny was shown to be full of deficiencies and miscommunications between caregivers and the judicial system.

    Raub's release follows a procedural error, the failure of a special justice to check off on a petition for involuntary admission to a hospital the elemental findings about Raub's mental condition. Sharrett likened the faulty order to an arrest warrant that lists no specific illegality..
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