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Thread: Thanks to all that contribute their experiences/knowledge!

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    Thanks to all that contribute their experiences/knowledge!

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone on this site that contributes not only to the wealth of information available here, but the personal stories regarding OC.

    I purchased my M&P40 a little less than 2 years ago, and registered here to start browsing the forums and obtaining information. I got my CPL a month and a half ago, and now OC everywhere possible (which is everywhere except work and school). Reading the responses in the "List Your Open Carry Experiences Here" thread has helped me gain the confidence over the past several months to protect myself outside of my home. The first time I ever attempted to open carry was at a gas station I have been going to for the past 7 years. I knew the people that had worked there and felt rather comfortable there. As soon as I walked in, of course it was packed with people. As i approached the counter, I started general conversation with the guy there, like always. A younger girl (maybe mid-twenties) stood next to me and noticed immediately and proceeded to stare me down with the widest eyes, and made no attempt to hide it. Being my first experience, I was already nervous enough as is, and her demeanor did nothing to help at all. I was so nervous, I dropped my wallet as I went to pay and probably turned quite the shade of red. No incident at all, other than her freaking me out a bit, and that was that.

    Thanks to the personal stories on this site, I am not nervous in the least, and hardly notice that it is there anymore. Since that day, I have carried it everywhere except the aforementioned places, and have had no negative experiences whatsoever, whether it be by looks, conversation, police called, etc.
    If it weren't for this website and its contributors, I do not think that I would be carrying today.

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    Good post.

    I'm Evil Creamsicle, and I approve this message.

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    Great post! Welcome to open carry! Carry on!

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