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Thread: Federal Police department, how may I assist you?

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    I come from a land downunder.

    Federal Police department, how may I assist you?

    - Federal Police department, how may I assist you?
    - Uh.. yes.. I just got hit in the face with a cream pie.
    - Okay, sir. Have you called the Federal police department before?
    - No
    - Well, let me get a little information about you for our records. Your name?
    - Wayn Swan, I'm the Australian Federal Treasurer
    - Country?
    - Australia
    - Native language?
    - English.
    - Okay, sir. Your police department ID number is BP31415927. Please use this number the next time you call. Now, you say you were hit in the face with a pie?
    - Yes, I was just about to meet with the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. One person distracted me while another hit me with a cream pie.
    - We've had other Federal Labor Party Ministers report that they were hit in the face with a custard pie recently. Are you sure it was a cream pie?
    - Well, I have white stuff all over my face and I don't see any custard, so I really don't think it was a custard pie.
    - Have you visited the Prime Minister before?
    - Yes, many times
    - Were you hit in the face with a pie then?
    - No
    - Hmm... have you visited any other Ministers in the past month?
    - Yes
    - Any pies then?
    - No
    - Okay, well.. let's try something. Go outside the building and come in again. I'll wait.
    - Just a minute.." (several minutes pass) "Okay, I'm back.
    - Did you get hit by another pie?
    - Of course not
    - Well sir, I don't know what could have caused the first pie, but it looks like things are working fine now. I'll make a note of the problem, though. If it happens again, please note the exact details of the situation and call us again. Thank you for calling the Police Department. (click)
    When a criminal invades your home and has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.

    My Definition of Gun Control: The idea that dozens of people found dead in the Broadway Café, Tasmania, and many also seriously wounded, all while waiting for police, who were called to show up and protect them, is somehow morally superior to having several armed and therefore alive civilian's explaining to police how the attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

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    Sounds like a tech support call.

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