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Thread: Update from George Lavender's facebook.

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    Update from George Lavender's facebook.

    The regular session is over, and we have started a "Special Session". I have asked that the Governor add Open Carry to the list we can hear. It would be good for him to hear from everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Werden View Post
    The regular session is over, and we have started a "Special Session". I have asked that the Governor add Open Carry to the list we can hear. It would be good for him to hear from everyone!
    Well he already heard from me!

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    This is on my Facebook from Texas Firearms Freedoms movement. This link will let you email perry, Dewhurst and Strauss at the same time.

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    What is a Special Session?

    Texas’ 83rd Legislature’s regular session ended Monday, May 27. Almost immediately, Governor Perry exercised the privilege of calling a special session. (TX Constitution, Article 4, Section 8)

    A special session (or, “called session”) may last up to 30 days and may cover only bills within the subject designated by the Governor in his call. (TX Constitution, Article 3, Section 40) Governor Perry’s proclamation for this special session included only one subject: redistricting. However, the Governor may add to the call whatever subjects he wishes, without limit, at any time during the session.

    Bills from the regular session may not be carried over into the special session; new bills must be filed and will have new bill numbers, even if the bill’s language is identical to one from the regular session. Any legislator may file a bill, just as in a normal session, and it may even be referred to committee (at the discretion of the chair), but it will not be heard, considered, or voted on unless the chair determines it is within the subject matter of the Governor’s call.

    (See more info and FAQ about special sessions.)

    Help Add Gun Bills to the Special Session

    Are you a Texas voter? Are you disappointed that all the truly significant gun bills died this past session? Would you like them to be passed this special session? Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst (president of the Senate), and Speaker of the House Joe Straus need to hear from you immediately!

    Please call and email Perry, Dewhurst, and Straus. Ask that the following subjects be added to the call of the special session.

    Open Carry - remove the “concealed” requirement from Texas CHL law
    Campus Personal Protection - allow CHL holders to carry on college campuses; opt-out for private universities only
    Carry Everywhere - abolish gun-free zones (TX Penal Code 46.02 and 46.03) for CHL holders
    “Come And Take It” Firearms Protection - instruct that state resources and personnel may not enforce federal firearms regulations that Texas law does not also support (HB 15 has already been filed for this special session)
    Intrastate Firearms Protection - ensure that firearms and accessories made in Texas are not subject to federal regulations
    (Remember that bill numbers from the regular session do not still apply – ex., Open Carry will no longer be HB 700. Also, keep in mind that Perry will designate the subject matter, while the head of each legislative body is responsible to select the particular bills that fit the subject.)


    Governor Rick Perry: 512-463-2000
    Lt. Governor David Dewhurst: 512-463-0001
    Speaker Joe Straus: 512-463-1000

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