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Thread: Bantam Judge orders return of firearms

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    Bantam Judge orders return of firearms

    Superior Court Judge Elizabeth A. Gallagher in Litchfield/Bantam ordered the return of several firearms seized on December 27th after ruling that Farmingon Police DID NOT follow the law while at his home
    There is much more to this story that will provice guidence to others when confronted by law enforcement at there door.
    Obviously I have read all the docments and know the facts of this case.
    This is one of the reasons that CTCARRY held a seminar of what to do when the Police show up at your home.

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    Post dating legal documents??? Duh .... that's what tripped them up maybe on the time requirements.

    Sounds like a he-said she-said case .... up to jury to decide who is telling a lie ... if they cannot decide conclusively and unanimously, then it will tilt in the defendant's favor or mistrial?

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