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Thread: Field report - Derby - pulled over on bicycle.

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    Field report - Derby - pulled over on bicycle.

    Took advantage of the finally pleasant weather with a bike ride through Shelton and Derby. While on the greenway in Derby I was "pulled over" by a Derby police officer also on a bicycle. I was wearing cargo shorts, a grey golf shirt, and sneakers. I also had my Ruger LCP in a holster on my belt. The observant officer spotted the pistol on my belt and pursued me for about 300 feet. I pulled over and he asked to see my permit. I asked if I had done anything unlawful and he said no, but that I was open carrying the gun and he would like to make sure that I had a permit to carry the gun. I asked for clarification and if he had an RAS for stopping me. He explained that there are people and children around and that he just wanted to be sure that I had a permit. As always I remained respectful to the officer and the job they are charged with doing, but I was not making it easy. He also remained professional at all times. To resolve the situation I did remove my permit from my wallet and retained possession of it in my far hand. I doubt he could have read any of the information on the permit in the amount of time I displayed it for him especially at the distance it was from him. He seemed to be satisfied (or not). The contact was concluded.
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    So his goal to keep children safe is to piss off a guy with a gun??? Good plan.

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    Glad this went safely and easily for you.

    This seems to be the 'standard' we should be expecting for now until the push against the stop and ID policies.

    Ridiculous, but moving in the right direction at least...
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    Just curious, did you ask if you were free to go immediately after showing your permit or did he indicate on his own that you were all set after he saw it?

    Also, any lecturing about OC'ing or was he "OK" after seeing the permit?
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