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Thread: Open Carry Where Posted in NC

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    Open Carry Where Posted in NC

    I am curious if in NC you can carry openly if the business is posted with the no weapon sign or if it says no concealed weapons. I know the statute that covers concealed carry permits says you can not carry concealed in these type premises but in a regular business that is posted can you carry openly? I can not find anything that shows whether it is legal to open carry or not if it is in fact posted. I know the rest of the statute about state premises, parks, etc, but what about regular open carry in regular business posted no weapons?

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    i will take a swing at this. in NC a business owner can ask you to leave if they don't want to allow you self defense, weather it is posted or not. the sign let's you know ahead of time but the person of authority must ask you to leave. if you refuse then you can be charged with trespass. the owner must file the charges. the LEOs can not do it
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