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Thread: A nice day for a walk! Portland Encounters.

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    A nice day for a walk! Portland Encounters.

    Good news from Portland today. Walked for a couple hours in downtown. Had a few people stop and talk to me. One couple eating at an outside restaurant asked if there was anything going on because I was the third OCer he'd recently seen. I told him it's Maine, expect it and told him I'd rather deter a criminal with an openly carried weapon than be targeted with a CC'd weapon and have to use it. He smiled. Pleasant encounter. I passed by a parked police car. The officer said, "Hey, whatcha got, 17?" I said, "nope, 19" He nodded, I waved and left. Good encounter. Great job PPD. A Portland city bus driver approached me and said he'd seen my videos. He shook my hand and thanked me for what I was doing. He said he often carries a .380, but isn't allowed to while working. Good for him!!! We talked for about 5 minutes, he said he's trying to get another rally going in Monument square. :-)

    What a great day! I got absolutely NO negative attention and 3 positive encounters.

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    Re: A nice day for a walk! Portland Encounters.

    +1 Cool!
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    Re: A nice day for a walk! Portland Encounters.

    Awesome. Good to hear good encounters in Portland.

    I'll be in Augusta Saturday for a USPSA match plan to go for a walk after.

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    Great day, indeed!
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