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Thread: THE BOILING FROG ANECDOTE; or, have you tried to buy 9 mm ammo lately?

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    THE BOILING FROG ANECDOTE; or, have you tried to buy 9 mm ammo lately?

    ****I re-read this earlier and thought about editing it to 10,000 words or less. it is long. For that I apologize. There exists another point, however, I believe with every ounce of my being I have something worthwhile to say. Those of you really looking for things to help motivate you to support all that is great about this country you will enjoy this.

    Please - read it all - then judge it, comment, refute it, support it, or, DON'T JUST DO SOMETHING, SIT THERE********

    With the frog sitting in cold water in a pot on a stove and very slowly heated the premise is that if the frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. I have to admit I've never tried that. I am also a little ashamed to admit that over the past few weeks I've developed a certain kinship with the boiling frog story as is told in a metaphorical context, with the upshot being that people who support gun ownership, the 2nd amendment, are willing and eager to apply for a state issued license to carry a firearm make themselves aware of gradual, sneaky, underhanded, and indeed liberal and equally ignorant changes going on all around them lest they suffer eventual undesirable consequences.

    It was just a few weeks ago, today is 01 June 2013, that I wandered my way back to the sporting goods section of a super Walmart I frequent intending to pick up a few boxes of 9 mm ammo for my GLOCK 17X19 that I am licensed to carry and do so openly. For carrying I prefer jacketed hollow point rounds and as I wound my way back I was as always armed with 51 total rounds (17 in the magazine in my GLOCK with two extra magazines in tactical pouches). I had been accustomed to just collecting off the shelf my favorite manufacturer's jacketed hollow point 9 mm boxes of 50 rounds each. A few weeks before that last visit I did as I've done so many times before, in fact the 51 rounds I had on me were from the previous shopping trip to that very store.

    It is not unusual for stores to move displays about so when I got to where the hand gun ammo was usually located only to find empty shelves I didn't think much about it. Of course I inquired of the specialized person who runs the sports department and was given a convincing story about limited supplies right up the line and that it was indeed temporary. The 51 rounds I had on me did not make up my entire supply so it wasn't necessary to rush over to a Sheel's a few blocks away.

    Maybe a week later I was again in the area and frankly I had not yet been to a Sheel's as the one I speak of had recently opened. I pretty much casually stopped in to look around and I knew they had a well stocked long gun and hand gun display ergo there would be well stocked shelves of ammo. I found the ammo right away - there were shotgun shells of every gauge, rifle cartridges galore, and I'm scanning for the hand gun ammo section and there it was - pretty much a huge row of well over head high shelves and picked clean to the bone. One of those; "Things that make you go,,, Hmmmmm....!!!" deals. The handgun display was a little ways off but the huge display of GLOCKS were all calling my name so I went straight there. The store personnel were friendly and had the exact same script the Walmart specialist had read from. OOOO K ! ! Now I'm thinking what's wrong with this picture? Then decided it was just my rotten luck. I have an active duty LEO son and he had made no mention of any left-wing conspiracy, I have local LEO friends and not a peep - so, it had to be me. I think this water is getting a might warm here but that's just a metaphor, so I say to myself, go look at some Cabela's copy - prop stuff, or better yet, leave.

    Next day I made a few phone calls and a creepy feeling resulted as first Doug's told me they had limited supplies of 9 mm, then Git Some same story, so I go online and no one seemed to be running over each other to sell me 9 mm anything. In short order I determined that all that ranting and raving by that 200 year old hag Pelosi was all a cover up to hide the real goings on behind the scenes. I could clearly hear the now fading echoes of the secret, secret meetings where enough clout was put together to pull off a truly brilliant stunt - by the stupidest people in US Government, well, that covers all the Democrats anyway. "Let them keep their guns, we'll just make it so no retailer can sell ammo."

    If there is anyone reading this and saying to themselves; "What the heck is the guy on about?" Have you looked in the mirror lately to see if you're turning green and being overcome with the most peculiar desire to just croak?

    Today was for me the Pièce de résistance. I woke up in serious withdrawal, started pacing the hall and staring longingly at the SB - 1 Law Enforcement targets I have scattered about like wallpaper from previous shoots all with no less than 17 bullet holes in the center body cavity AND another 17 in the oral/nasal/ocular region and an almost overwhelming urge to shoot something down range. I readied myself, put all the gear I would need in my duty bag and ran lights and siren directly to Doug's. At one point on the way I thought I was gonna be arrested for creating a public nuisance by squealing out all those siren sounds and putting my Android on the dash on a flashing alarm app I found. Sorry, this is serious and I do so fear we are all the proverbial frog in the slowly heating water.

    OK, I'm retired, not in the main flow of things anymore, I do not stop by any local jurisdiction's office to peruse their last shifts pass-down sheets. (For non LEO folks, a shift at most departments is only really completed when the last entry is made in sort of a log of events during the last shift which may help the shift coming in find and stuff one more bad guy) There is indeed such a frenetic push by the left and any fruitcake they can recruit to such an insane cause as building a societal suicide chamber. Just imagine being right inside the main entrance of some public gathering where the management had posted signs prominently displaying "N O F I R E A R M S A L L O W E D ! !". No sane person would want to be there if they had a fore-knowledge of what this scenario designed for this presentation was all about. As it is to happen here you have a well designed and functional video camera with which you have noticed what we will call two individuals acting all out of sorts jutting to and fro which prompts you to start videoing the odd goings on. You are not noticed, no artistic license taken here, maybe you are just good at keeping a low profile. As you are recording the non-directional microphone on the camera picks up some conversation between these two who so obviously are not there to join the festivities but rather contriving a much more nefarious intent.

    This is what you record:

    The two are as if anxiously engaged in locating the area where the largest gathering of people might be. They are laughing at the signs they saw while coming in about "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED". They seemed excited that they had planned this so well yet did not expect to see such ridiculous signs and in an impassioned burst of glee were heard clearly declaring that now this whole thing would be so easy and would make world-wide news immediately as from beneath their trench coat-like garb they each produced some heavy duty firepower - now laughing boastfully that they could "kill at will" because there are "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED[B]so who will there be to oppose them? To my deepest regret they are correct.

    Readers Here: You sir, you mam, more of you good honest law abiding citizens, and even me as I was a regular at this place of otherwise so much joy and all legally packing sufficient heat within the flash that such things always happen the two, let's just play along with the PC baloney, "malcontents" are in the direct line of fire and there's a wall on the far side of them so your line of sight - or line of fire - is not so likely to cause or create collateral damage; something you have practiced physically and mentally so many times it is now mere muscle memory, and in the instant it is made absolutely clear that these two intend to inflict fatalities they are instead dropped in their tracks gushing blood profusely from about the head and shoulders and are dead before they collapse in a heap - but wait ! ! ! ! That did not happen ! None of us law abiding citizens were there - we had been not so much invited out but rather disallowed from initial entrance ! ! ! It's 15, now 20, 25, to the utter horror of it's even designed scenario before somehow, something other than an opposing force happens and there are in excess of 50 human bodies lying about bleeding out and dying!

    I'm now by some definitions an old man. I am closer to 70 than I am 60. I - just like each of us - will in my time depart this mortal sphere of existence. As I write these words, as I consider the complete and total absurdity of whatever delusional thinking processes truly are happening in the minds of people who likely would also think it altogether reasonable to legislate morality, to push forward agendas such as the lunacy of "Gun Control", who, were they in an alternate position of authority as they might suppose over how submarines are built, and with the very same depth of selfishness because this agenda of theirs will surely swell their supposed standings in their fantasy of self - aggrandizement would there suppose that a truly great idea for all future submarines - would be screen doors.

    I will never surrender my guns. For so long as I can function well within that zone of safety I know the limits of intimately I will be there - where I am allowed by the laws WE permit to govern us - and never so old and feeble will my mind be so as to have me forget that every innocent human being I am blessed to even come close to is my friend. So that as I live and breathe I yet hold sacred the two oaths (US Army 1964 ~ Dade County Public Safety Department 1972)I raised my right arm to the square and invoked the very name of Deity with a promise to uphold the law - and from a source and power than no mortal can impose, impede, stop or change the course of make a choice to be so bold as to consider my puny offering not as comparable but merely complimentary of the lesson greatest taught and if I'm there, as in that place and time, and he, she, or they who hold the sanctity of life with such disdain, attempt to take that or those innocent lives, it may be said of me, he who is lesser than the least: "Greater love hath no man than this; that he lay down his life for his friends".

    To consider the alternative is that my aging eyes will behold the time when the greatest fears of our founding fathers will be realized and evil and conniving men will tear asunder the very constitution inspired men with a labor of love wept over, I then resort to a form of selfishness in that I will be permitted to lay this mortal by and with tears flowing from my closing eyes humbly submit; "I fought the good fight".

    Wake up good people, consider the cost all would pay should the evil forces we know the very names of prevail. All it really takes for so great a cause as ours to utterly fail is for a few good people to do nothing.
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