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Thread: CSPOA convention, The Second amendment is your permit, Police Chief Kessler

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    CSPOA convention, The Second amendment is your permit, Police Chief Kessler

    "On Jan. 3 of this year, Kessler drafted a “Second Amendment Protection Resolution” for his little town of roughly 800 residents, which, when passed by city officials a few weeks later, Kessler told the conference, “nullified every single gun-control law in the nation.”

    “I have a very unique view,” Kessler said. “If you want to own a firearm, carry a gun under your jacket or over your jacket, the Second Amendment is your concealed carry permit, period. … It has nothing to do with self-defense; it has to do with [freedom from] tyranny.”

    Kessler told the conference, “Nullification is the key. We just have to tell them, ‘That’s it.’ I drew my line in the sand back on Jan. 3. … One person can make a difference; you just need to do something about it.”

    But apparently, Kessler is not alone."

    Sound off on sheriffs, local police declaring existing gun laws null and void
    • The next thing you know, they'll announce they've nullified gravity
    • This is nothing more than posturing meant to fuel the anti-government fantasies of right-wing nuts
    • They don't have the authority to declare laws unconstitutional -- that's the Supreme Court's job
    • They don't have the authority to declare laws unconstitutional -- that's the Supreme Court's job
    • If they fail to enforce the laws, at a minimum, they will be fired and replaced, as they should be
    • The feds have an endless supply of tools at their disposal -- financial as well as force -- to compel compliance
    • I appreciate their being conscientious objectors to enforcement of these laws, but like all conscientious objectors, they'll be swept aside
    • Federalism ... division of powers ... local sovereignty -- now we're talking!
    • Their courageous position will encourage others in law enforcement to stand with them to defend the Constitution
    • Success depends on educating citizens to their constitutional rights and duties
    • Their refusal to enforce these laws will allow the citizens in their districts to resist the feds without having to watch their backs
    • By refusing to enforce unconstitutional attacks on the Second Amendment, peace officers are upholding the rule of law
    • I agree with the president of Gun Owners of America: "It's a start. They're to be saluted"
    • It's not the whole answer ... but it's an important part of the answer
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    That's nice. As in "Gee, I'm really glad they feel that way."

    As much as we say the gun laws on the books arre unconstitutional, the fact of the matter is that it is going to take either judicial action declaring them as such, or legislative action rescinding them, for anything meaningful to happen.

    A sheriff can declare that he is not going to enforce some law(s). All it takes is for the next highest level of law enforcement (the state police) to come in and enforce the law. The sheriff can jump up and down and complain that he is the highest law enforcement authority in his county/city, but until he gets a court to back him up it is all just bluster.

    That all being said, it is important that these folks communicate with their legislators at both the state and federal levels instead of just making speeches at some convention of like-minded folks. They need the support of the voters when they do that.

    stay safe.
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