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Thread: S&W M&P .45c Question!

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    S&W M&P .45c Question!

    I am considering this little beauty for my next compact carry pistol, mostly for when I want or need to conceal carry whenever. I've read several reviews on this little guy and seen nothing but praise. Just was wondering if anyone here has messed with this particular model as far as shooting it or just having it.

    For a sub $600 compact .45 this seems like a good deal and I've always been a fan of the design styling of S&W M&P series. All opinions welcomed as I want them anyways! Lots of reviews state it feels and handles like a full size, but its not the annoying compact carry size for us big handed guys!

    Now it doesn't have a safety which I am comfortable with 100%! But if anyone has any opinions on the no safety thing, chime on in!
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