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Thread: WV preemption law passes - Charleston city pools cannot ban gun carry any more!

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    WV preemption law passes - Charleston city pools cannot ban gun carry any more!


    For 20 years, Charleston has been an island of modest gun restrictions in a very pro-gun rights state. But its gun laws including a ban on guns in city parks, pools and recreation centers are now likely to be rolled back, the latest victory in a long-standing push to deny cities the power to regulate guns.

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    I followed the link and read the article. It is from a Yahoo website and the author is obviously not 2A friendly and is not supportive of the preemption law. In the article I found the following quote:

    "When they're diving off the diving board, is that [gun] going to be in a book bag? Is that going to be lying under their towel and an eight-year-old kid is walking through the pool area and picks it up?"

    This type of "journalism" really pisses me off! Is it not obvious that maybe...just maybe...a responsible parent of one of these eight-year-olds could go armed to the pool just to watch and supervise their child(ren)?! Do they really think that people just leave their guns laying around wherever they go!?

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