Please make sure you do the following with the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners so that they can more efficiently schedule appeals and handle their caseload. Remember, other people are waiting for their appeals as well, and the BFPE only has one paid employee, with a growing mountain of paperwork looming.

Two very important things you can do to make this process work better:

1. If you have filed an appeal, and were subsequently issued a permit, please make sure you cancel your appeal. This allows them to get someone else in on your hearing date.
If you call, leave your name (don’t forget to spell it out), DOB and your case number so they know who is calling. You can also send it via email (, which is probably easier, since it will be more difficult to screw up the interpretation.

2. Don’t call the BFPE needlessly. You don’t need to call and ask if your permit appeal was received. You should be sending your appeal letter and questionnaire in together and via certified mail so that this is completely unnecessary. If you don’t see your name on the ‘ready to go roster’, be patient.
There is a process in place that takes time and manpower. Calling is taking up valuable time. The person you are calling is the only person processing these letters/questionnaires, so each call is making the process that much slower. For most appeals, there is really no reason to call the board at all. Submit your appeal, wait for your hearing date and show up.

Otherwise, continue getting your appeals filed as soon as the deadlines hit and make sure you send the appeal letter and the questionnaire at the same time.