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Thread: IL Attorney General files for an extension of stay.

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    IL Attorney General files for an extension of stay.

    Illinois Atty. Gen. has filed for a 30 day extension of the seventh circuit Court of Appeals stay of their order striking down the Illinois you UUW laws.

    "The Governor needs more time to review the law"

    Only in Illinois!

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    Aint gonna happen ... gov can sign it or not ... its a laugh that they want time to read bills ...

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    To live in a state where we are ruled as opposed to being represented, nothing surprises me. They won. They got their horribly delayed and restrictive "carry" bill where hardly anyone will pass the governor's permit denying board, and even if they do, and can afford the fees, they can't carry hardly anywhere and if they make a mistake and cross some invisible line into a "prohibited zone" it's a criminal offense. So, now they want more. They want no one except criminals and cops to have any guns.

    What does the governor need to study? It passed with far greater than veto proof majorities in both houses. What is there to review?

    I smell Illinois politics at work.

    Can you imagine what this state's crime rate would be if they put this much time energy and money into solving violent crimes?

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    Madigan Seeks Delay on Concealed Carry Mandate
    NBC5Chicago ^ | 6/3/13

    Posted on Tuesday, June 04, 2013 9:18:19 AM by Petruchio

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    Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed a motion with the U.S. Court of Appeals seeking a 30-day delay of a mandate for the state to enact a concealed gun carry law.

    In a statement Monday, Madigan says she filed the motion in order to give Gov. Pat Quinn time to review the legislation passed last week.

    "The current stay of the Court’s mandate expires in less than one week, which significantly shortens the time set in the state Constitution to allow the governor to review legislation," said Madigan. "This request for an additional 30 days would allow the governor a reasonable amount of time to fulfill his state constitutional duties. Further, if granted, this additional time would help prevent a situation in which there is no state law in place governing the carrying of handguns in public, which the Court sought to avoid in setting the original stay.”

    Illinois was the last state in the union banning the concealed carrying of guns when, in December, an appeals court panel struck down the ban. The court gave lawmakers until June 8 to legalize the concealed carry of firearms
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