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Thread: Another "stop resisting" (maybe) then the immediate beat down -- she called 911

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    Another "stop resisting" (maybe) then the immediate beat down -- she called 911

    A Washington woman with cognitive and hearing disabilities says she endured vicious police brutality. The woman, Megan Graham, told her story to KIRO 7, a Washington-based news outlet. She could face charges of felony assault of an officer, though she says she didn’t assault anybody.

    Like this one...

    All they do is yell "stop resisting" and they think, in their minds, "its go time!" lol except they just did it to a handicapped woman ..

    Good job .. "I'll punch you in the face!!" .. "stop resisting!!"

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    Re: Another "stop resisting" (maybe) then the immediate beat down -- she called 911

    Well one thing is certain, we are way past the time when ALL police in the public should be required to wear individual camera's that they themselves cannot shut off or edit. This will be the only way to stop all the creative report writing of bad apples, and stop he said she said between citizens and "Peace officers".
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